Victoria Bonya Backstage

Victoria Bonya Backstage


Projects cover and Edito for W Story Magazine
Веддинг Стори

And L’Officiel Magazine Hommes

With fabulous Victoria Bonya

Photographer Gil Zetbase
Art Director and Stylist Angela Donava
Assistant Mathieu Lai Hong Ting
Make-up and Hair Style JM Hmua
Salon Bellax Nice
Place Hôtel Westminster

Dress Jurgita Riasnoje
Dress Khachatryan Naira
Dress Collage by Svirsky
Dress Victoria Bonya

Necklaces Noushka Necklaces Annoushka Anna
Jewellery Yaroslavna
Earrings Natali de Lyrik Natalija Martinaviciene

Parfum Marina de Bourbon
Flowers Vermont

Will be soon…

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  1. Claire

    Wow, great idea to make this story both as these artisan photos and like a backstage documentary :-). It makes very interesting and fresh impression! And my favourites are this white dress, black with silver details, and this quilted creamy jacket 🙂

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